Grazia Letizia Veronese Oggi

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Grazia Letizia Veronese Oggi
Grazia Letizia Veronese Oggi

Grazia Letizia Veronese Oggi – On this day in 2023 in Rome: Widow of Lucio Battisti and at 80 years old, Grazia Letizia Veronese has lived a low-key but occasionally contentious existence. She is often mistaken for an Italian version of Yoho Ono. Not only because she is discreet. This is because she has long been associated with the singer-songwriter’s 1980 divorce from Mogol.

This is similar to the role that John Lennon’s alleged ex-girlfriend is said to have played in the breakup of the Beatles. And the Rimini resident has recently sent an open letter to the accountant Giulio Rapetti that has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. You’re always talking about him, but it’s always from your own selfish motives, you tell him.

Protracted litigation

The legal system, a protracted battle over copyright. In recent years, Mrs. Veronese Battisti has frequently obstructed efforts, persuaded that in doing so, she was protecting her husband’s legacy. But she has taken a lot of heat for this.

”The Romance”

The 22-year marriage between artist Lucio Battisti and Grazia Letizia Veronese began in 1976 and lasted until the latter’s death in 1998. They connected at the 1968 Sanremo festival. She was 25 years old and a native of Limbiate, Brianza. They became one of the most well-known musical couples in Italy and announced their engagement the following year; they wed seven years later. In the background, working and living. Her work is credited in the album “E Gia” under the name Velezia.

Today’s activities of Grazia Letizia Veronese

The composer and lyricist Battisti’s widow and their son Luca Carlo Filippo make their home in Rimini. One of the many scandals that have followed her is that she had her husband’s body moved from Molteno to San Benedetto del Tronto and subsequently cremated.

Breakup of the Mogul-Battisti Alliance

In 1965, Giulio Rapetti, better known by his alias Mogol, met Lucio Battisti, who at the time was somewhat unknown. In subsequent years, Mogol collaborated with the singer-songwriter on his earliest works, including the lyrics for his debut hit, “Dolce di giorno.” Battisti began performing the lyricist’s songs in 1966 at the lyricist’s urging.

Three years later, when the singer debuted at the Sanremo Festival, that gut feeling was proven correct. The Numero Uno record label, of which they were both co-founders, was established that same year, and it would go on to release the vast bulk of Battisti’s recordings. However, the creative partnership between the two broke up in 1980, following the huge achievements of the Seventies. After the couple split up, Battisti told his wife, Grazia Letizia Veronese, to take care of the lyrics.

On this day in 2023 in Rome: On one side are Lucio Battisti’s heirs, while on the other are Mogol and Sony Music. The singer who passed away 25 years ago is still the subject of an ongoing legal struggle over copyright. Not only do opposing ideologies exist, but so is a musical legacy worth an estimated 16 million euros.

Mogol writes in his autobiography, “Mogol – My job is to live life,” that “back then there was this formula whereby the musician got 8% and the lyricist 4%, Siae desiderare che sia così. Dato che Battisti era appena agli inizi, non mi è mai piaciuta l’idea che firmasse dei contratti clandestini. A constant 4% for me and 8% for him. When we sold the song rights to Numero Uno, I agreed to write for them on the following terms: 6% to him and 6% to me.

From what we can gather from Rapetti’s autobiography, Lucio “has since begun working with others.” “The issue wasn’t one of cost, but of equity. He was given two-thirds of the rights, while I was given one-third. Equal shares are what I requested. At first he seemed to agree, but the following day he backed out. She expressed her decision to stop working with him in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

Mogol sued Grazia Letizia Veronese for 8 million euros in ‘loss of opportunity’ related to the musical exploitation of Lucio Battisti’s repertoire in 2013. The Court of Cassation ruled that “the concrete and effective loss of a favorable opportunity to obtain a specific good or advantage, as such constituting a patrimonial entity in its own right,

Grazia Letizia Veronese Oggi

legally and economically susceptible of autonomous evaluation,” is what constitutes “loss of opportunity.” In July 2016, Mogol’s claim was partially supported by a first instance judgement, which awarded him almost 2.5 million euros in damages.

The issue prompted the dissolution of the Edizioni music publishing company Acqua azzurra, which had previously owned the rights to Battisti’s works. The record label Universal Music has 35%, followed by Grazia Letizia Veronese and her son Luca Battisti with 56% through Aquilone Srl, and Mogol with 9%. Acqua Azzurra’s annual sales were consistently around €1,050,000 between 2005 and 2008. However, profits have been falling steadily since then.

In fact, the firm ended its financial statements for 2015 with a production value from sales and services revenues of about 800 thousand euros and a profit of roughly 510 thousand euros.Mogol claims these numbers would be far higher if the heirs didn’t severely restrict the use of the rights.The family has long opposed the widespread availability of the tunes online and in ads and other media products.Per caratterizzare questo evento è stato coniato il termine “perdita della possibilità”.

The bombshell, however, was dropped by Universal, which, by withdrawing its support, prevented the necessary majority vote from being cast to extend the company’s term. Consequently, the Battisti-Mogol song licensing rights are up for grabs.This does not mean that the heirs will stop getting a cut of the money made from the tunes being used commercially.

Any customer who orders from the catalog must still pay the full price.This liquidation was difficult and went to court multiple times. In 2021,we will have our fourth liquidator after three ‘failed’ ones, but it will be nearly hard to sell the 16 million catalog until the shareholder litigation are resolved.

Grazia Letizia Veronese Oggi
Grazia Letizia Veronese Oggi

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