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Tiromancino Figlia
Tiromancino Figlia

Tiromancino Figlia – Claudia Gerini and Federico Zampaglione’s adorable chemistry as they prepare their daughter for the eighth grade exam has won many fans. Both the actress and the musician came to show their support for Linda, who was celebrating her 13th birthday.

Tiromancino’s lead vocalist gushed, “She was very good,” on the website. To a preteen, the picture shows a happy family gathering on a “beautiful” day.

During the filming of the music video for “Impossible Love” by Tiromancino in 2004, the actress and the band’s lead vocalist fell head over heels in love. Linda, who was born in 2009, will turn 14 this year and start a new chapter in her life in September when she begins her first year of high school.

As Claudia Gerini and Federico Zampaglione embrace their daughter Linda for a portrait, it’s evident they couldn’t be more pleased with how she turned out. They wish to remember this transition into adolescence for their daughter forever. The musician who won over fans with a bandaged heart emoji said, “She was very good” on Facebook.

A number of people have commented online to the effect that “you are an example for all separated parents.” Some of the encouraging words sent to young Linda read, “Very good her, beautiful you!Le persone che si prendono cura di lei hanno detto queste cose nella speranza che lei persegua i suoi interessi e raggiunga i suoi obiettivi.

Linda Zampaglione is the famous actress Claudia Gerini’s daughter with Tiromancino legend Federico Zampaglione. They’ve been together for quite some time , and their daughter Linda shares their names. Claudia and Federico broke up, but remained civil for the sake of their daughter. But how much do we really know about Linda’s private life? Who is Claudia Gerini and Federico Zampaglione’s mystery child?

Linda has been the famous musician and famous actress’s daughter for the past 12 years. Rosa, Claudia’s 17-year-old daughter from her first marriage to Alessandro enginoli, is her older sister.

These two things go hand in hand. Linda’s mother threw her a beautiful 12th birthday party on September 28. There are some new Instagram posts featuring Linda’s parents. Compared to the incredible young woman you have become, the clinic where I breastfed you 12 years ago seems like yesterday. The tribute in her Instagram bio is to her mother.

Mother and child have a special connection and often look alike. She has long, ashy-blonde hair like Claudia’s and a brilliant white smile. Linda’s eyes are just like your dad’s, so she’s the perfect blend of the two of them. Linda Gerini, Claudia’s daughter, has followed in her grandmother’s footsteps by making her acting debut alongside her.

The musical ability and interest of his father were also passed on to him. They appear together frequently in the videos that Federico Zampaglion sends on his Instagram account. One of the newer videos features Federico and his daughter performing a song by Battiato or Prospettiva nevski.

The followers’ overwhelming reaction was to show their approval by clicking “like” or leaving supportive remarks. Linda has started taking piano lessons since she loves music so much.

Linda Zampaglione, who dated Federico Zampaglione of Tiromancino for ten years, had her pleased mother, Claudia Gerini, upload a photo of her to Instagram. It’s been 17 years since the birth of Rosa, Linda’s older sister from Claudia Gerini and Alessandro Enginoli’s previous marriage, yet the two sisters have always been very close.

Tiromancino Figlia

Linda turned twelve years old on September 28. The actress shared an Instagram snapshot from the celebration with the caption “12 years… Only yesterday I was nursing you in the clinic, and now look at you—you’ve grown into such a lovely little girl.

Claudia Gerini and her ex-husband Federico Zampaglione pose for a photo together at their daughter’s birthday celebration. She has her mother’s pretty smile and her father’s fascinating eyes, and her hair is a very long ash blonde, much like both of them.If this is true monetarily, then it should also be true for artistic endeavors.

Linda’s first acting appearances were with her mother, although she has always known that she wanted to be an actress. Videos of Federico Zampaglione and his daughter Linda performing musical numbers may be found on his social media profiles. Linda’s performance of “Prospettiva Nevski” by Battiato is unrivaled. Linda is an accomplished musician and singer since she spends a lot of time at the piano.

Although Linda’s parents are no longer together, she has always been surrounded by loving and supportive relatives. Claudia Gerini loves being a mother to her two daughters and would be thrilled to welcome a third child into the family. She said in an interview with F magazine, “Besides, I’m a mother with a big daughter, the equivalent of mammon children: I would always be physically attached to my L’amore di una madre non è abbastanza potente da impedire alle sue figlie di farlo.

Linda, their daughter, graduated from eighth grade at Marymount Institute, a prestigious international private school in the city, and the whole family got together to celebrate. We are long-distance friends and crime partners. This is why Federico Zampaglione and Claudia Gerini appear in a viral photo.

Linda, their daughter, was born to the actress and Tiromancino singer in 2009. Their relationship dates back to 2004.
There were a lot of heartwarming responses to the photo once it went viral. Zampaglione uploaded a snapshot of an obviously happy Linda after her eighth grade finals and stated, “Linda finished her exams today.” on the official Tiromancino page.

Wow, she really delivered the goods. Wow, what a beautiful day. Many people, not just die-hard fans, have praised the band by saying, “This is a beautiful example for all the separated who instead go to war and do not think about the good of their children.” What a magnificent serenity that this shot transmits: love for children goes beyond; what a beautiful fruit of a love, even if you have chosen different ways.

Tiromancino Figlia
Tiromancino Figlia

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