Nunzia De Girolamo Ex Marito

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Nunzia De Girolamo Ex Marito
Nunzia De Girolamo Ex Marito

Nunzia De Girolamo Ex Marito – Nunzia De Girolamo age. Nunzia De Girolamo is an Italian television presenter and former politician. Nunzia De Girolamo age. Nunzia De Girolamo is an Italian television presenter and former politician.

Nunzia De Girolamo age, husband, children

Nunzia De Girolamo has been married since 2011 to the Apulian deputy of the Pd Francesco Boccia. The wedding was celebrated on 23 December and on 9 June 2012 the couple’s daughter was born: Gea. Furthermore, as she herself said in an interview with Oggi, she had several problems with her husband, also due to a judicial proceeding against her.


After graduating in Law from the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, he embarked on a legal career as a lawyer dealing with civil law, labor law and commercial law. He collaborated with the University of Sannio and Molise.

You began your political activity in Benevento, as coordinator of Forza Italia. In the general elections of 2008 and 2013 you were elected deputy in the ranks of the People of Freedom. From 28 April 2013 to 27 January 2014, the day you resigned, you were Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies in the Letta government.

Political life

After graduating from the Sapienza law faculty in Rome , he will successfully embark on a legal career. Subsequently she will become part of the political world, holding various positions over the years.

She initially in Benevento in the ranks of the Forza Italia party, in 2008 and 2013 we find her in the Popolo delle Libertà , to then return in 2015 as a militant of Forza Italia as political commissioner in the Molise region.

TV career

Subsequently he will decide to abandon his political career to devote himself entirely to the world of television . In 2018 you manage two columns in two important newspapers. One in il Tempo called Nunzia Vobis and another, weekly in Libero entitled Piazza del Popolo.

In 2020 she became a publicist journalist at the Lazio order of journalists. Already in the same year, having obtained the prestigious award, he collaborated on the Massimo Giletti program non è L’arena broadcast on La7.

dancing with the Stars

But his television career doesn’t stop there. In 2019 she also participates, as a competitor, in the fourteenth edition of the Dancing with the Stars program paired with the dancer Raimondo Todaro. In 2021 we then find her as a presenter on the Rai Uno program “Ciao Maschio”.

The television commitment that will distance her from her beloved daughter in this hot summer of 2023 will be the conducting of Estate in Diretta broadcast on Rai uno. It is none other than the all-summer version of the well-known program “Live Life”.

The private life of Nunzia De Girolamo

Il 10 ottobre 1975 nasce a Benevento Nunzia De Girolamo. Her father, Nicola, was director of the agricultural consortium of the Campania city.

After completing her scientific high school diploma, she moved to Rome where she graduated in law from La Sapienza University. Before emerging in politics, you held various roles in the legal field and collaborated with the University of Sannio and with the University of Molise.

Nunzia De Girolamo Ex Marito

She entered politics in 2007 where she embraced the cause of Forza Italia, and became Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies . During her experience in politics, on 23 December 2011 she married Francesco Boccia, a deputy of the Democratic Party in the town hall.

A much talked about union, given that the two belong to two opposing political ideas, but resistant. Gea, la loro figlia, è nata nel 2012 grazie al loro amore.

In 2016 Nunzia De Girolamo receives the indictment for an investigation into alleged irregularities for false payment orders to the Benevento local health authority, for episodes dating back to 2012.

In 2020 the prosecution asks for an 8-year sentence, but at the end of the the same year she is acquitted because the fact does not exist. In 2022 the Benevento Court of Appeal confirmed the first degree verdict, acquitting the woman.

De Girolamo declares to the weekly Oggi: “Francesco and I would have made another child, it was in the plans. Instead we risked breaking up: in the middle years I managed to disguise anger and fear well, but at the beginning, when I knew to be investigated, and in the end, shortly before the acquittal, I engaged in very hard arguments with my husband”.

Over the years, Nunzia De Girolamo has become a recurring face on television, as a columnist , contestant on Dancing with the Stars and presenter . She is also active on Instagram, on her official profile , she shares both photos relating to professional commitments and shots of private life.

In recent years he has chosen to leave politics to devote himself to television. Since July 2018 you have had a column in the newspaper Il Tempo entitled Nunzia Vobis and a weekly column in the newspaper Libero entitled Piazza del Popolo. Since 2020 she has been a publicist journalist, registered with the Order of Journalists of Lazio.

Non è l’Arena, programma di LA7 condotto da Massimo Giletti, le sarà inviato a partire da settembre dello stesso anno e proseguirà fino al 2021 in qualità di opinionista.From 30 March 2019 she has participated as a competitor in the fourteenth edition of the talent show Ballando con le stelle, competing in tandem with the professional dancer Raimondo Todaro. Since 2021 she has hosted the program Ciao Maschio on Rai Uno! .

Nunzia De Girolamo was born in Benevento on October 10, 1975, she is almost 45 years old and has the zodiac sign of Libra. Her father, After graduating from classical high school she enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of La Sapienza in Rome.

Subsequently she practiced her legal career dealing with civil law, labor law, commercial law and banking. Nunzia De Girolamo then dedicated herself to politics and in 2007 she became the citizen coordinator of Forza Italia in Benevento.

Nunzia De Girolamo Ex Marito
Nunzia De Girolamo Ex Marito

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