Nina Zilli Ha Un Figlio

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Nina Zilli Ha Un Figlio
Nina Zilli Ha Un Figlio

Nina Zilli Ha Un Figlio – The pregnancy, as she herself defined it, was a roller coaster of emotions and it didn’t start in the best way: in fact it was Fiorello , who also received a Tapir for the slip , who gave the happy news to all of Italy by removing thus the possibility of choosing how and when for future parents. Just as happened to Aurora Ramazzotti with her pregnancy.

Who is Danti, Nina Zilli’s partner

Nina Zilli and Danti met in 2019 on the occasion of the collaboration for the song “Tu e D’Io”, written and sung together with J Ax. It was love at first sight and love exploded immediately, but they decided to come out only a year later. It is the first child for both.

Why Anna Blue?

Mom didn’t give any explanations: it’s a mix of tradition and modernity. Anna is a Jewish name, which has its roots in religion, Blue instead is a color, which exudes tranquility and balance. And she is very fashionable. Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano became parents of Cèline Blue. Beatrice Valli was about to choose this name for her fourth child, finally turning to Matilda Luce.

Gender reveal party on tv

After the super spoiler in Fiorello’s program, Zilli decided to beat the rumors on time and announced the sex of the unborn child to Felicissima Sera. She punched a huge balloon on live TV, containing pink confetti, to the tune of “It will be him, it will be her”. And always on this occasion, she also revealed the name of the girl, Anna Blue.

Moms over 40

More and more mothers are choosing to have children after the age of 40. By now, the antas are no longer a limit or a taboo for trying to get pregnant. Among the famous women, we remember Naomi Watts who had Sasha and Kai, respectively at 39 and 40; Halle Berry who became a mother for the first time at 41, to then make her encore when she was 47.

Jennifer Connelly at 40 welcomed her third daughter, Agnes Lark. Eva Mendes became a mother for the first time at the age of 40, of Esmeralda. And two years later she became pregnant with her second daughter, Amada. Hilary Swank , just this year, had twins at the age of 48. A great joy also for Paris Hilton , mother for a few months, at 42 years old.

Nina Zilli mamma

The news of the artist’s sweet expectation was spoiled on January 10 by Fabrizio Biggio , former comedian of the Soliti ignoti, during an episode of the Viva Rai 2 program with Fiorello. Spoilers that the singer did not like. On the contrary. On social media, she did not send them to tell Biggio for revealing her sweet secret.

La notizia migliore, però, è che è arrivata Anna Blue. And mother Nina Zilli wanted to share her joy on Instagram by posting a series of images. « The first moments with us 2 and the last moments before US 3 »She explained. In fact, these are photos taken shortly before the birth and then immediately after.

” Welcome to earth Anna Blue ” wrote the new mother, adding the date of birth of the child. And ironically on the date in question: “We could have called you Repubblica” she underlined quoting Fiorello. Then, thanking all the medical personnel who assisted her throughout her pregnancy, she concluded: ” Let this journey, which already seems incredible to me, begin “.

Nina Zilli became a mother a couple of days ago, last June 2, and she is beside herself with joy. In the last moments before giving birth, she made fun of her belly by saying phrases like this on social media: « I’m becoming Ciccio Bello. I have Shrek’s hands » .

Nina Zilli Ha Un Figlio

Now the tone is totally different, in fact he dissolves by publishing the photos of Anna Blue, his eldest daughter born from the relationship with rapper Danti , which began in 2021. But not before another joke, a quote from Fiorello: «We could have called you Repubblica» .

After the emoticon of a smile that laughs to tears, he writes: «The first moments with us 2 and the last moments before US 3. Thanks to Roby+Ceci, Angela, all the girls in the delivery room and in the obstetrics and gynecology department of Sant’Anna of Como. Let this journey, which already seems incredible to me, begin ».

In short, a new chapter for the 43-year-old artist from Piacenza who has renamed herself «ninja» on social networks and with good reason: she not only makes her voice heard non solo musicalmente, ma anche sulla piattaforma sociale, dove è costantemente una leader tra gli attivisti.

Nina Zilli , who dated Neffa for a year after seven years of relationship with the musician Riccardo Gibertini ,has found a home in every sense.In fact, she publishes a sequenze di foto in bianco e nero, comprese quelle in cui sta allattando o in cui si vedono le minuscole mani di Anna Blue appoggiate nella culla.

VIP greetings arrive in a few minutes ,from Michela Giraud to Salvatore Esposito, from Miriam Leone to Cristiana Capotondi, from Rudy Zerbi to Paola Iezzi, from Bianca Atzei to A Filippa Lagerback.Molti esponenti del mondo dello spettacolo hanno inviato i loro migliori auguri a due interpreti molto ammirati.

To give the happy announcement, the new parents recorded a song with a gospel choir, the violinist Pierpaolo Foti and a really tender comment before giving birth: «She’s beautiful and she’s fine. Thanks everyone for the well wishes.

This is the very first gift for you.’ And Danti adds: «In one fell swoop I dedicated the song to my mother and my daughter. What’s more, I sang it with my girlfriend.’ The tone, however, remains lighthearted with the silly parents in sunglasses and beach hats. And a «bella raga» to start with panache.

Nina Zilli Ha Un Figlio
Nina Zilli Ha Un Figlio

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