Luca Chiaravalli Altezza

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Luca Chiaravalli Altezza
Luca Chiaravalli Altezza

Luca Chiaravalli Altezza – Luca Chiaravalli is a well-known conductor and producer. From the street to the stage and above all the Sanremo Festival usually gives us great protagonists even among the musicians, now increasingly important alongside the big names in the competition. The mastro has been a protagonist at the Ariston for years with even two victories under his belt. Chiaravalli was born on May 2, is 51 years old and is originally from Gallarate, Varese.

A great protagonist of Italian music, with many certifications behind him thanks to his work as a composer, producer and arranger alongside many artists. His most famous collaboration is probably the one with Nek, with whom he also shares the adventure in the talent show From the street to the stage.

Together with the singer of Fatti Avanti Amore, the maestro signed all the songs on the album Prima di parla and a good part of Unici and arranged the highly successful cover of Se telephoning, one of the most successful in the recent history of the Festival.

Speaking of Sanremo, the conductor accompanied many competing artists at the Ariston, but certainly the most notable experiences were those together with the Stadio in 2016 and with Francesco Gabbani a year later: in both cases, in fact, Francesco Chiaravalli he won the Festival first with the song Un giorno mi dirai and then with Occidentali’s karma.

Among the other famous collaborations of Luca Chiaravalli we find those with Eros Ramazzotti in the album Noi, with Francesco Renga in singles such as You will be there and Change direction, with Laura Pausini in the single The things that I do not expect and also with the Belgian band Hooverphonic, with which the Italian record producer should have participated in the 2020 edition of Eurovision.

Finally, among the successes of the maestro’s career at the helm of the band in the program From the road to the stage there is also the one alongside Chiara Galiazzo on X Factor in 2012. To get to know the maestro better, you can also browse through his Instagram profile, where the artist publishes several shots of his work and some of his daily life. However, there are no references to his private life, which the protagonist of many Sanremo Festivals keeps for himself.

Luca Chiaravalli disease

Among the major researches concerning Luca Chiaravalli there is the one linked to the alleged illness that afflicts him, but which in reality finds no confirmation. So how come the master’s disease has often been in trend? The answer, unfortunately, can be attributed to an annoying attitude of many users on social networks, which associates a certain physical condition with a disease condition.

Alongside the Luca Chiaravalli disease trend, Luca Chiaravalli who is thin or anorexia has often appeared and here, therefore, we have the answer to the proliferation of this research: many social networks believe that behind the master’s physique there is anorexia or some other disease, a bad typical habit of body shaming. The record producer of Nek and other great artists, therefore,

At the Ariston with Piero Pelù

On February 21 , the new album of unreleased “Pugili fragili” is released , for the Tuscan rocker the twentieth studio work between Litfiba and a solo career. In the tracklist there is the song “Gigante”, produced and arranged by the Gallaratese master, which will be premiered at the seventy-seventh edition of the Sanremo Festival 2020 broadcast from 4 to 8 February , in prime time, on Rai1, hosted by Amadeus .

Luca Chiaravalli Altezza

Piero Pelù is one of the big names in the race . It is his first official participation in the festival kermesse. Pelù and Chiaravalli, together, had also written “Picnic in Hell” , a single released last autumn.

A “Giant” on stage

Arranged and produced by Piero Pelù and Luca Chiaravalli, the song “Gigante” is a rock and electronic ride , dedicated to those who arrive in the world for the first time and also to those who struggle to be reborn to a new life by freeing themselves from the chains of a difficult past .

On the special evening of Thursday 6 February, designed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Festival, Piero Pelù will sing “Cuore Matto” , the famous piece presented at the 1967 Sanremo Festival by the couple formed by Little Tony and Mario Zelinotti.

today an established musician, author and producer – was aboard his red Panda, twenty-six years old in his pocket, when he heard, for the first time, one of his songs on the radio: “Dove il mondo non existe anymore”.

The voice was that of Francesco Renga. He remembers it well, twenty years later, that Saturday, late afternoon, in 1997: he pulled over to the side of the road, in Gallarate and, turning up the volume, with his eyes closed, he savored all that extraordinary emotion . The timeless emotion of listening to a song written by him.

Meanwhile the music was spreading in the small universe of his red car. He was so tall that he had even removed the stopper from the seat, to be more comfortable. Then when the songs that Chiaravalli wrote become hits and one hit is immediately followed by another, it has become impossible to continue to pull over to the side of the road,when they play one of his songs on the radio.

Especially after signing, together with Fabio Ilacqua, an extraordinary success, which has now become viral, such as “Occidentali’s Karma”.His collaborations with Italian and foreign singers and musicians are numerous and excellent, including Laura Pausini, Nek, Giorgia,Francesco Renga and Eros Ramazzotti,with whom he also produced the album “Noi”.

producer and arranger of all the songs on Nek’s album “Prima di parla”, with the single “Fatti Avanti amore”, runner-up at the 2015 Sanremo Festival , winner of the “Best arrangement” and “Sala Stampa Radio Tv Lucio Dalla” awards and his is the song “Un giorno mi dirai”, sung by the Stadio, which won the Sanremo Festival 2016.

Luca Chiaravalli Altezza
Luca Chiaravalli Altezza

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