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Catherine Spaak Oggi
Catherine Spaak Oggi

Catherine Spaak Oggi – Undisputed symbol of elegance and charm, Catherine Spaak died today at the age of 77. She is a French naturalized Italian actress, singer, dancer and television presenter, she has been the muse of many directors , such as Lattuada, who sews on her the role of an unscrupulous teenager.

A character that sees her as the protagonist of numerous films from the first half of the 60s. She has always been appreciated by the public for her elegance and sophistication with which she has distinguished herself in cinema and television. Two years ago you suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, last July it happened a second time while you were in Sabaudia.

A family of artists and politicians

Born into a Belgian family of artists and politicians: her mother is the actress Claudie Clèves, her father Charles is a film screenwriter, her sister Agnès was also an actress and then a photographer while her uncle Paul-Henri held the mandates the office of Prime Minister of Belgium. Her aunt was Suzanne Spaak.

The film debut at 14 years old

He made his film debut at the age of 14 with a small part in Jacques Becker’s film “The Hole”. The debut in Italy in 1960 with “Dolci inganni” by Alberto Lattuada which will influence her subsequent roles, centered on the stereotype of a shameless teenager , a character who is found in many films interpreted in the first half of the 60s, such as “Diciottenni in the sun”, “Il sorpasso”, “Boredom”, “The warm life”, “La parmigiana”, “The liar” and “The mad desire”.

The arrest and the torn daughter on charges of “dubious morality”

Spaak became pregnant at just 17 and was forced, given the period and her minor age, to marry Fabrizio Capucci and move into the family home. A family that, however, was close to her and from which she made the mistake of fleeing with her own daughter.

The hits, when Catherine sang “We are the young”

From cinema to music the step is short for the restless Catherine. Dischi Ricordi offers her a contract and publishes her first 45 laps, including “Mi fai scaria” some such as “Quelli della miaetà”, a cover of “Tous les garçons et les filles” by Françoise Hardy and “L ‘Army of Surf” also known as ” We are the young”, become Hit parade hits .

From the management of Forum to the Island of the Famous

Extremely versatile and curious, always attentive to exploring new forms of art and communication, from 1985 to 1988 she leads the first three editions of Forum with the judge Santi Licheri, within Buona Domenica. She is an author and host of successful talk shows , such as Harem.

In 2002-2003 she worked as a television presenter on LA7 for the broadcast The dream of the angel and in 2007 she participated as a competitor in Dancing with the stars but she was eliminated in the third week. In 2015 she was one of the contestants in the tenth edition of the reality show L’isola dei fame, broadcast on Canale 5 and hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi.

Catherine Spaak Oggi

In the 1960s Catheribne Spaak was married to the actor Fabrizio Capucci, whom she met on the set of the film The mad desire and with whom she had a daughter, Sabrina, a theater actress. From 1972 to 1979 she was married to Johnny Dorelli, with whom she had her son Gabriele.

Il suo matrimonio con Daniel Rey, un architetto, è durato dal 1993 al 2010. In 2013 she went to the altar for the fourth time, marrying her with Vladimiro Tuselli. On June 2, 2020, the actress declared on the show “You and I” that she was single again.

In 2020 she had suffered a brain hemorrhage following which she had momentarily lost her sight and from which she never recovered. In a recent interview he said he wanted to take things “lightly”: “Illness and pain are not a shame. I lost my sight and I couldn’t walk – he said -. Now I laugh about it, you have to take things lightly. ” lightness”.

Un’importante attrice televisiva e modello di riferimento dagli anni ’60 in poi, Catherine Spaak, 77 anni, è morta. Catherine Spaak era un’artista capace di adattarsi a molti generi e stili diversi, e ha trovato una casa amorevole negli Stati Uniti. I embrace my family and friends on this sad day”, the words of the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini.

Born in France in Boulogne-Billancourt on April 3, 1945 from a family of the Belgian upper class, daughter of the screenwriter Charles and granddaughter of the statesman Paul-Henri, in her long career Catherine Spaak ranged between music, cinema and television.

After a brief appearance in Le trou by Jacques Becker, in the same year she gets her first lead role in I dolci inganni by Alberto Lattuada. Two years later she shoots Luciano Salce’s mad desire, in which she is the disturbing object of desire of a forty-year-old successful engineer, Ugo Tognazzi.

Ha conosciuto Fabrizio Capucci mentre lavorava sul set: dalla loro unione è nata Sabrina, che ha poi avuto una carriera di successo in teatro. Il sorpasso di Dino Risi, La noia di Damiano Damiani tratto dal romanzo di Moravia, La parmigiana e molti altri sono stati tutti girati con i maestri del cinema italiano e alcuni dei nostri migliori attori. by Antonio Pietrangeli , The warm life by Florestano Vancini.

And yet L’armata Brancaleone by Mario Monicelli, with Vittorio Gassman; Adultery Italian style , with Nino Manfredi, and in La matriarca , with Jean-Louis Trintignant both by Pasquale Festa Campanile; A rather complicated girl by Damiani, alongside Jean Sorel.

She still acts in Made in Italy, 1965 by Nanni Loy, in the brilliant comedy Horse fever by Steno and Io e Caterina, directed and played by Alberto Sordi. but also in thrillers such as The Cat O’Nine Tails by Dario Argento, up to the dramatic Claretta by Pasquale Squitieri.

Catherine Spaak Oggi
Catherine Spaak Oggi

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