Amedeo Grieco Altezza

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Amedeo Grieco Altezza
Amedeo Grieco Altezza

Amedeo Grieco Altezza – Pio D’Antini’s partner in the most beloved comedy duo on Italian TV: career and curiosity, from the success of Emigratis to the controversies of Felicissima sera


Amedeo Grieco ‘s entire career is inextricably linked to that of Pio D’Antini, together they form the famous comedian duo Pio and Amedeo which debuted in 2004 on the regional television network TeleFoggia. Years of apprenticeship followed, on the radio and on other local networks such as TeleNorba, up to the audition on Rai in 2011 and the show We’re all fine on Rai2.

Subsequently they pass to Mediaset, and specifically to Italia 1, where they participate in the show Le Iene, first with the column Anyone can and then with Ultras dei Vip. After the musical single YouPorn produced by Gabry Ponte, in 2014 their first cinematic film Amici come noi, which turns out to be a resounding success.

Private life

Amedeo Grieco was born in Foggia on August 20, 1983 and is of the sign of Libra. He is passionate about cabaret and shares his interest with his friend and colleague Pio D’Antini. He is married to Maria Finizio and has two children , Federico and Alice. The comedian often shares happy moments with his children on social media and declares his love for his wife. Nonetheless, there is a great pain that marked his life, namely the untimely death of his mother who died at the age of only 56.

Of her, on the occasion of her birthday, he writes on Instagram:”…your portrait scattered in every room to hold up the tons of silences…and a photo, each one for himself, some in his wallet, some as wallpaper on the phone, some carefully hidden, but then easy to take out just once to talk to you once bit” .

Are Amedeo Grieco and Fedez friends?

Amedeo Grieco and Fedez appeared as friends and on good terms during an episode of Emigratis ; however it seems that the singer did not like the words used by the comedians in Felicissima sera and even less the prize awarded to them by Rai for having “innovated the language of television”.L’attuale coppia divertente è Pio e Amedeo. Due saranno insieme dopo aver archiviato numerosi numeri di Emigratis.

Who are Pio and Amedeo? Private life

Pio and Amedeo are a comic couple from Foggia and both are huge fans of the Rossoneri team. How old are the two comedians? The couple from Foggia are the same age. Pio D’Antini was born on August 25, 1983 and is of the zodiac sign of Virgo. Amedeo Grieco on August 20, 1983 and is of the zodiac sign of Leo.

The artistic career

The comic duo formed by Pio and Amedeo made their television debut on the local Apulian network Telefoggia with the transmission Occhio di bue . The real success came in 2011 with their participation in the Rai programs We’re all fine and Base Luna. In 2012, the two from Foggia moved to Mediaset as correspondents for the program Le Iene with the columns Anyone Can and Ultras dei Vip. Their first film, Amici come noi , was released in theaters on March 20, 2014.

Amedeo Grieco Altezza

Since September 2014, the duo has hosted the radio program A dispositionon RTL 102.5. Also in the same year their first Christmas film was released, Ma tu di che voto 6? Since 3 April 2016 they have been protagonists of the program Emigratis created by themselves . From this evening, April 16, 2021, the two make their debut in prime time on Canale 5 with their program Felicissima Sera .

Amedeo Grieco is the animated part of the comic duo Pio and Amedeo . The two Foggia-borns have been among the most requested comedians on the Italian television scene for years, they are ready to debut with their new show Felicissima sera, broadcast starting this evening on Canale Cinque. Amedeo Grieco was born in Foggia on August 20, 1983 and is about 1.77 m tall and weighs 68 kg, with brown hair and eyes.

Just like his historic friend, Amedeo Grieco is also happily married to Maria Finizio and a child was born from their love. In fact, the comedian from Foggia has often shown a great attachment to his son by posting photos with his little one on several occasions.

Amedeo Grieco , defined by many as the true comic side of the duo formed with Pio d’Antini , saw his career practically go hand in hand with that of his friend. After various passages in local networks and minor programs, Amedeo has turned his career with participation in the Hyenas with the figure of the jammer of famous characters and with the choirs.

The sympathy and comedy of Pio and Amedeo also brought the two to the cinema in the successful film, Amici come noi, while Amedeo and his colleague are currently ready to resume filming their new film. The consecration of the comic duo instead took place with Emigratis.

One of the most loved actresses of the small screen is definitely Nancy Brilli . She, the latter, released a statement to the weekly Di Più in which she was able to speak with an open heart about the problem that struck her a few years ago, which can easily be called cancer.

The actress wanted to raise awareness of her issue more and more by talking about what happened to her in 1994 when she unfortunately discovered she had ovarian cancer. Because of this she had to undergo eight surgeries which led her to remove an ovary, the uterus, the other ovary and finally the tubes and she stated as follows:

L’ha descritta come “una vera e propria mutilazione della parte più intima della donna, che riguarda non solo la sua femminilità ma anche la sua maternità”.In fact, after that, she even managed to become a mother. This certainly affected her body and her soul, finding herself out of the blue to see her femininity jeopardized.

Amedeo Grieco Altezza
Amedeo Grieco Altezza

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